Visionplay Features

Playout has easy to use interface for operators designed for both monitoring and managing the Playout Operation.

4K UHD HD SD Output
Visionplay can now play almost all the broadcasting formats
Multiple Format Playback
Visionplay has always been able to play many video format and codec’s
Multiple Playlist
Playlist Tab allows operators to manage upcoming daily, normal and sub playlists.
Inbuilt CG
Visionplay has a built in CG manager, using this you can effectively and effortlessly manage your dynamic ticker content.
Unlimited CG Layers
Unlimited graphic overlay item with a ticker item, with eye catching in and out animation and effect.
24 x 7 Performance
Ultimate performance without any crash leads to excellent user experience with good approach

Our Products

We have the products which best suits everyone with all the functionalities and excellect user interface

Special Functionalities

Playout has easy to use interface for operators designed for both monitoring and managing the Playout Operation.

  • Add Multi format , Multi size Video files in single Playlist
  • Every Clip details (Video size ,Audio freq ,Duration , Start/End Mark points,Trim Duration ,PlayTime)
  • Add text Tags to playlist Files , Set Clip Type and Color or each file separately to identify clips
  • Cut – Copy – Paste – Move up/ Down – Delete Function to set the clips Position in real time Playlist
  • Insert breaks in file at any position
  • Create breaks List and set your breaks to play in Groups at fixed timing
  • Playing file is resumed to its playing position when the Break is played
  • Group Breaks are set to play with a start date and end date ( auto on / off )
  • CG Config is used to create Compositions ( unlimited text & graphics in a single file as composition )
  • Default Graphics (DG) Layer ( play graphics like Logo & Time, Watermrk, etc)
  • Display or hide the Graphics layer for Relative Clip ( Use full to Hide All layers on Advertisements )
  • L Shape (LS) layer ( Video is get squeezed when L- Shape graphic is displayed )
  • Stream video to Facebook live or Youtube.
  • Supports H.264 encoding.
  • Supports UDP Streaming.
  • Supports RTMP Streaming.
  • Record playing video output to local file.
  • Stream using Adobe FMLE.
  • Streaming to third party media server(Wowza Media Server, Adobe Media Server, Akamai Entry Point, Justin TV).

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